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Concrete at hot weather

concrete shall not be allowed if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 c. if the ambient temperature is 35 c or more. hot weather will increase the rate of water evaporation from concrete. evaporation of water will reduce the hydration of concrete also it will reduce concrete strength. hot weather adversely affect the concrete and following point summarize the potential harm:
  1. hot weather will increase the amount of concrete shrinkage.
  2. hot weather can lead increase cracks in concrete.
  3. evaporation of concrete moisture can lead to increase porosity of concrete and this will reduce concrete durability. 

  special measures shall be taken to reduce the concrete temperature such as:

  1. using chilled water for concrete mix. or mix water with ice to reduce the water temperature.
  2. cover the aggregate properly to prevent increasing the temperature of aggregate.
  3. storing the cement in shaded area.
  4. before casting of concrete. water shall be sprinkled in casting area to avoid absorbing concrete moisture by formwork.
  5. reinforcement steel shall be covered prior to concrete pouring.
  6. reducing the times between casting concrete and curing process to prevent excess evaporation. 
  7. in the events of high winds. wind breakers shall be erected in working area.

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