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Delayed drawing or instruction and consequence (sub clause 1.9)

The contractor shall notify the engineer for the required drawing or instruction and the expected delays or money loss if these drawing or instruction not provided within a reasonable time in details. in the events of engineer failure to provide the requested drawing and the contractor suffered delayed or money loss. then the contractor will be entitled to claims the delay or cost incurred as a result of engineer failure to provide required documents within a reasonable time.
the contractor shall give further notice and will be entitled to contract claim:

  • extension of time for any such delay if completion will be delayed
  • payment for any such cost with reasonable profit as included in the contract price
The engineer shall process and study the contractor claim and determine or agree on these matters

If the delay in providing the requested documents originated from contractor error such as delays in the submission of any contract documents. in such a case, the contractor will not be entitled to any claim of delay or cost with profit  


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