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Flow table test

Flow table test used to determine the consistency of concrete. this test not applicable for self-compacting concrete, foamed concrete, and no-fines concrete. Concrete tested using flow tables test shall have a maximum size of aggregate of 40 mm. This test measures the flow of concrete by determining the amount of concrete spreading on a plate under jolting effects.


  • Sample tray 
  • Scoop 
  •  Stop-watch or stop-clock 
  •  Flow table 
  • Mould
  • Tamping bar  
  • Measuring tape/rule
  • Measuring jigs  
  • Square-mouthed shovel. 

Concrete shall be filled inside the mold at 2 layers. each layer will receive 10 light blows by tamping roads. once the second layer tamped concrete shall be leveled with mold upper edge and excess concrete shall be removed. any concrete fell on the table should be cleaned. before beginning with the next stage. we should wait for 30 seconds. Then the mold shall be lifted slowly. after removing the mold. the table will be raised up to the upper stopper and then released to fall freely to lower stop(40 mm from the upper stop). this process shall be repeated for 15 times. once the spreading of concrete mix stops the maximum dimension d1 and d2 shall be measured.

Flow value=(d1+d2)/2


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