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Modulus of elasticity

Modulus of elasticity measures material resistance to deforming elastically under applied stress. It is important material properties describing it is stiffness. modulus of elasticity can be determined from the stress-strain diagram by measuring the slope of the elastic region. stiffer material means more stress required to deform the material and this means higher modulus of elasticity

where σ the stress causing the deformation. stress is the applied force divided by the area. 
ε is the strain and it is defined as the change in length divided by original length =∆L/L0=(L1-L0)/L0

Graphical Determination of Modulus of Elasticity

Modulus of elasticity can be determined from the stress-strain diagram. modulus of elasticity is the slope of linear(elastic) region. the stress-strain diagram for a material can be drawn by testing material for compression or tension. for example, structural steel tested for tension. the stress and corresponding strain are measured and recorded then the diagram drawn. the stress-strain diagram can be used to determine the modulus of elasticity, yield stress, and ultimate stress


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