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priority of contract documents

The documents of the contract are considered explanatory to each other. the sequence of documents for interpretation purpose shall be as follow

  1. the contract agreement: parties will enter contract agreement after receiving the letter of acceptance by 28 days or whatever agreed. the agreement shall be upon form annexed in particular condition. stamp duties or any other charges imposed by law shall be paid by the employer.
  2. letter of acceptance: letter of acceptance means the formal acceptance of the letter of tender signed by the employer.
  3. letter of tender: letter of tender is a document completed by the contractor and it is including the signed offer to the employer for the tendered work.
  4. the particular condition: the condition of contracts set the right and obligation of the contract parties. this includes general conditions which are common for all type of contracts and particular which is special for a contract
  5. the general condition 
  6. the specification: specification refers to the tender documents entitled specification. the specification containing the minimum requirement for work to be satisfied. usually, it is a technical document.
  7. the drawing: is the drawing of contract or any modification or issuance of new drawing by or on behalf of the employer.
  8. the schedule or any other documents forming the contract.
in the events of discrepancies, the engineer shall issue necessary clarification


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