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Tender documents

Non-financial details in tender documents 

  • Employers details
  • Contractor details (completed after awarding)
  • Engineer details
  • Project completion time
  • Defect notification period
  • Governing law
  • Ruling language 
  • Language for communications
  • Time for access site
  • normal working hours
  • periods for submission of insurance 
  • Date by which DAB shall be appointed (Dispute Adjudication Boards)

Financial details in tender documents
  • Amount of performance security 
  • Delay damages for work
  • the maximum amount of delay damages
  • percentage for adjustment for provisional sum 
  • adjustment for changes in cost
  • Total advance payement
  • percentage of retention 
  • limit of retention money
  • maximum amount of interim payment certificate
  • currency details
  • maximum amount of deductibles for insurance of the employer's risks
  • minimum amount of third party insurance


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