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Vebe test for concrete

Vebe test is a laboratory test used to determine the consistency of concrete. Vebe time is the time required to transfer concrete from frustum cone into a cylindrical shape using vibration and compaction. the Vebe time will increase with decreasing concrete workability.

Vebe test is not suitable for concrete with maximum size aggregate greater than 63 mm. also if the value of Vebe time is less than 5 seconds and more than 30 seconds.


  • Vebe consistometer 
  • Tamping rod
  • stopwatch 
  • Trowel 


  1. Perform the slump test inside the container.
  2. place the transparent plastic disk above the concrete in the container.
  3.  switch the vibration on and start the stopwatch simultaneously.
  4. record the time required to change the concrete from a conical shape to cylindrical shape. You need carefully to observe the plastic disk on top of concrete.once the concrete transferred to the cylindrical shape and covered the plastic disk completely record the time from stopwatch.


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