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communications shall be in writing. issuing of approvals, certificates, determination, consents and notices and any kind of communication shall be as following:

  • communications shall be in writing and delivered by hand, email or currier or any approved electronic system to the recipient address that provided in the tender appendix.
  • in the event, the recipient gives notice of address change. communication shall be delivered to the new address.
  • if the recipient didn't give notice of address change when requesting approval. then the communication may be delivered to the address where the request was issued.
unreasonable delaying or withholding of approval, consent, certificates, and determination shall not be allowed. in case of issuing a certificate by one part to other party. a copy shall be given to other party. in the event of issuing a certificate by a party to the other party or engineer. a copy shall be delivered to the other party and engineer.


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