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Employer's personal

clause 2.3 states that the employer is obliged to ensure that the employers personal and employer contractor on site:

  • cooperate with contractor effort in providing appropriate opportunities for employer personal, other contractor employed by the employer and personal of any legal constituted public authorities in carrying out their works. contractor shall be entitled to a variation if any instruction causes the contractor to bear unforeseeable cost. services provided for this persons may include using of contractor equipment or temporary works or access arrangement. 
  • take actions to comply with all applicable safety regulations, take care for the safety of all personnel on site and take the necessary measure to keep the site clear from any obstruction to prevent endangering of these personnel.
  • take actions to ensure reasonable steps taken to protect the environment and limit damage, the nuisance of people property resulted from pollution and noise. also, the employer shall ensure emissions, surface discharge and effluent from contractor activities with the limit of specifications and laws.


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