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permits, license and approvals [clause 2.2]

employer will be obliged to assist the contractor reasonably in acquiring permits, licenses or approvals if required by the law of the country. this will include:

  • the employer shall assist in obtaining a copy of the laws of the country if it is difficult to obtain the copy of country law.
  • the employer shall assist contractor for the applications for any permits, licenses or approvals required by the law of the country:
  1. under subclause 1.13 [compliace with laws]. clause 1.13 stating that the employer shall obtain the planning and zoning or any similar permission if specification stated that employer shall obtain those permissions. the employer shall indemnify and hold the contractor harmless in the event of failure to obtain the required permission.
  2. clearance of custom for the delivered goods.
  3. export of contractor equipment when it removed from the site.


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