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Right of access to the site

Site is the place where the permanent works to be executed and where the plants and materials will be delivered and any other places stated in the contract. The employer shall grant the contractor right to access and possession the site at the time stated in the tender appendix. if under contract the employer required to give the contractor the right of possession of foundation, structures, and plants. this right of access or possession shall be done according to the time and manner stated in specifications. the employer may delay giving the right of access till receiving the performance security.
Clause 4.6 stated that contract may be required to submit a document under contract to the engineer before the right of access or possession of site is given. the time and manner of submission of documents shall be as stated in the contract.
if no time is given in tender appendix for the right of access to the site. the employer may give the right of access and possession of the site at the time that didn't affect the programme of works submitted under clause 8.3. so their will be no delay in work completion.

if the contractor suffers delay and incurs a cost as a result of the employer failed to give the right of access and possession within the time. the contractor will be entitled to claim:

  1. Time extension if the completion of works delayed.
  2. payment with a reasonable profit. which shall be included in the contractor price
after receiving the notice from the contractor. the engineer shall study the claim and proceed with determination or agreement between parties.
if the delayed of giving right of access and possession of the site resulted from contractor fault or delay in submitting any contractor documents. then the contractor will not be entitled to any claim of time or cost.


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