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calculating the load required to crack a rectangular beam

calculate the uniform load(in addition to beam weight) that will cause the section in figure 1 to begin to crack if the are used for 28ft simple span.

fc'=4000psi, fr=7.5√fc' and reinforced concrete weight =150 lb/ft3.

figure 1  

for the above example, we need to calculate the value of the cracking moment. using cracking moment we can calculate the required load.


fr=7.5√4000=474.34 psi

y is the distance from the neutral axis to extreme fiber in the tension zone. neutral axis will be located at the center of the beam due to symmetry. therefore, y=12 in

=53.126 kips.ft

the maximum moment for simply beam =(w.l^2)/8


uniform load=542.10-beam weight



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