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Geologic profile

The geologic profile is the outline of earth features seen from the side, the geologic profile will contain information about subsurface conditions and features. the geologic profile is very important and essential for a great number of civil engineering fields. for example for the design of a building, soil conditions and bearing capacity are very important in selection type and size of foundations. the geologic profile is important and considered as a  good practice, preparing of the geologic profile will significantly assist the engineers. 

Figure 1

site explorations will be conducted at specific locations, the purpose of this exploration is to acquire sufficient data about the subsurface condition. all the extracted information from exploration will be recorded in logs. trial pits and soil test boring can be used to explore subsurface soil. after recording all information to logs geotechnical engineers can formulate a three-dimensional picture of subsurface conditions. the formulation of this picture is difficult because it involves using and interpreting the information of soil of exploration at a specific location and interpolation for other locations. often, the subsurface conditions are presented in graphical geologic profile as shown in figure 1. this profile will show soil strata and soil description.


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