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Classification of Coplanar Trusses

Coplanar trusses are classified into simple truss, compound truss, and complex truss

simple truss: a rigid truss can be made simply by connecting truss member as shown in figure 1-a, the triangle shape will prevent the truss form collapse, figure 1-a shows the simplest truss that can be constructed, a simple truss system constructed by constructing basic simple truss first then adding member to basic element(simple truss) in figure 2-a, members BD and AD are added to the simple truss ABC to increase the truss size. figure 1-b showing a typical simple truss, the basic triangle element is ABC then other truss members added to the basic element in a sequence. the truss in figure 1-c is considered as simple truss, basic truss element is ABC, then CD and AD are added to form joint D then the rest of members added.

Figure 1

compound truss: compound truss established by connecting two or more of simple truss together, the connection can be done in several methods. figure 2-a, a compound truss formed by connecting two simples trusses by common joint and bar, figure 2-a showing a compound truss, truss ABC and CDE are connected at joint C and by bar BE,  another method is by connecting simple truss using three bars as shown in figure 2-b. another method is done by substituting the member of the large simple truss as the one shown in figure 2-c by a secondary truss. compound truss used for a long span and to support large loads, compound trusses are cheaper to construct and lighter in weight compared to simple trusses
Figure 2

complex truss: for trusses that cant be classified as simple or compound as the one shown in figure 3, this considered complex truss
Figure 3


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