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Elastomers for pot bearing

Bridge bearing is an essential part of the bridge structure. The bearing will connect the superstructure and substructure. Also, it will transfer the loads to the substructure. Bridge bearing will allow for releasing stresses arise from elongation and contraction of bridge superstructure due to thermal variation, shrinkage and creep deformation. Pot bearing is commonly used. Pot bearing composed of many components one of them is elastomeric disc. 

The elastomeric disc used in fixed, guided, and free pot bearing. Figure 1 showing the elastomeric disc. Elastomeric disc confined in a steel pot. Elastomeric disc covered from the top by a steel piston. The elastomeric disc will be compressed under vertical load. Also, it will deform to allow for a slight rotation. Elastomeric is designed to sustain high contact compressive stress. The confining of the elastomeric disc will allow for using a small area for high contact pressure. If the steel pot removed the elastomeric will not be able to carry a large vertical load, and it will deform largely. Elastomeric disc enclosed in the steel pot will act as semi-viscous materials, and it will accommodate high vertical load and slight angular displacement.  

Figure 1


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