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falsework is a temporary structures used in construction to support a permanent structure until its construction is sufficiently advanced to support itself.  Falsework includes temporary support structures for formwork used to mold concrete in the construction of buildings, bridges, and elevated roadways.

  • SHORBRACE SYSTEM: Shorbrace support system used widely to support the bridge deck. This system possesses many merits. One of these merits is simple and quick erection and dismantling of falsework. Also, it can be used to support heavy structure safely. This system consist of many components:

1.Shorbrace frame: these frames are the main component of falsework. It is connected with each other to form a tower of the desired height to support formwork as shown in the figure below. 
figure 2

2.Shorebrace telescopic frame: The function of this frame is to assist in maintaining the required height of falsework. This frame inserted inside the shorbrace frame then connected by load pin with the mainframe

figure 3

3.Vertical frame connector: this will be used to connect shorbrace frame vertically

figure 4

4.U head Jack: the soldier of formwork will place inside the U head jack. This u-head is adjustable and will contribute to providing an accurate profile of the casted slab.

figure 4

5.Post head jack

figure 5

6.Cross-bracing: this will brace adjacent shorebrace frames. The figure below shows the different components of falsework

figure 6

  • Cup-lock supporting system: Cup-lock supporting system used widely in bridge and  build construction. This system required a small space for storage. The erection and dismantling of this system are simple and quick compared to other supporting systems. The component of cup-lock system is

    1.U and post head jack: these items are used similarly as in shorbrace supporting system

    2.Standard: standard height can vary from one to three meter
figure 7

3.Spigot connector: spigot connector used to connect two standards in the event the height of standard not enough

4.Ledgers: ledgers are connected to standard to increase the stiffness and minimize the deformation.

figure 8


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