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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work breakdown structure can be defined as a hierarchical structure that designed to give a logical graphical representation and subdividing all work activities. Figure 1 showing a WBS, WBS can differ from a project to another. The full scope of the work will be placed at the top of the diagram, in figure 1 our full scope is to build a house, then we subdivide the works into small elements at each level of the diagram, in figure 1. we divide the works in the house into 3 categories: civil, plumbing and electrical. Then we subdivide civil into smaller work elements such as foundation, walls/roof, the lowest level of the diagram known as a work package. A list of work activities will be developed from the work package.

Figure 1

effective WBS will summarize the full scope of work and the responsibility for each work package, for example, for the work package foundation in figure 1, the responsible about this package is civil team not plumping team, producing an excellent WBS will significantly improve the management of projects. 

Figure 2

Figure 2 showing a 5 level WBS. in level one the full scope of the project. Then in level two, the project is divided into two independents areas. then in level 3 each area divided section wise, in level 4 section (Train 2) subdivided into instrumentation, structural steel, civil and piping, each section will be subdivided accordingly with related disciplines that fit the nature of the work at that section, then in level 5 we have the work package such as piping fabrication 


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