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Elastomeric expansion joint

Elastomeric expansion joints can accommodate a wide range of movement 30-800 mm, and it can easily installed and provide a smooth ride with minimal noise and vibration. It can be found in different formats. Each format accommodates different type of movement.

Figure 1

Elastomeric joints consist of reinforced neoprene. Steel plates shall be embedded in the neoprene molded section to meet the structural requirement. Figure no:2 shows elastomeric expansion joint different components.

Figure 2

The elastomeric joint shall be skid resistance, armored and it should provide smooth riding, and it shall be durable. Installation of joint shall be strict accordance to specification and manufacturer recommendation. 

Installation of a smaller expansion joint for a bigger gape will lead to deterioration of neoprene because the axle load will be loaded in neoprene, not above reinforcement plate. So gape for joint at the site shall not exceed the joint capacity. Expansion joint shall be of uniform width and shall be accurately set or finished and aligned flush with finished carriageway surface. The metallic component of the expansion joint shall not be bent or deformed during handling and installation.

Figure 3


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