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Concrete durability tests( The depth of penetration of water under pressure in hardened concrete)

The concrete structure service life depends on several factors such as workmanship, the quality of materials used in construction, the suitability of these materials to the surrounding environment. Concrete is the main component of concrete structures. Therefore if the quality of used concrete is good, the structure will live for a long time. The durability of concrete can be tested using different tests. One of them is The depth of penetration of water under pressure in hardened concrete. The principle of the test is applying water under pressure to concrete specimen then measure the depth of water penetration. Figure 1 showing the apparatus for the test. 

Figure 1


  • The specimen after demolding shall be roughened at the area of applying water.  
  • The test can be conducted at 7 or 28 days of concrete casting. Place the specimen at the apparatus and apply the water of pressure 500Kpa for 72 hours. The appearance of the sample shall be observed at a regular time during the testing, and if there is any leakage observed, it should be recorded.
  • After the applying of pressure for the specified time. Remove the specimen and wipe the face of applying water then split the specimen to measure the depth of water penetration. The measurement should be to the nearest mm. 

Figure 2


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