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No-fine concrete

No-fine concrete is made by the coarse aggregate, cement, and water only. No-fine aggregates are used to prepare no-fine concrete. no-fine concrete is a lightweight concrete prepared from aggregates passing 20 mm sieve and retaining in 10 mm sieve. In this type of concrete, cement paste will coat the aggregates by a thin layer. Therefore it is highly permeable. Using this type of concrete for building a reinforced structure is not a good idea because the high permeability will allow for rapid ingress of aggressive chemicals.   

Figure 1

The aggregates to cement ratio range from 6:1 to 10:1. The water-cement ratio range from 0.38 to 0.52. Using a small amount of water will produce a dry paste that cant sufficiently coat the aggregates. On the other hand, using a large amount of water will increase the flowability of the paste, the paste will settle down, leaving the top layer of aggregates dry without paste. Therefore the amount of water used should be balanced. The compressive strength of no-fine concrete range from 1.4 to 14 Mpa.

The density of no-fine aggregate concrete is 25% to 30% less than normal concrete; thus, the self-weight is less. The no-fine concrete can be compacted by rod simply without the need of using mechanical tools. no-fine concrete used in paving application, it could be considered in other non-structural applications, such as reinforced panels, thanks to its acoustic, thermal, and permeability properties.


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