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Binding wire for steel reinforcement

 Binding wires are used to tie steel bars together. These wires are playing a significant role in maintaining the reinforcement stability and rigidity. Wires are used to tie the steel bars at intersections points. By tying the steel bars together, we ensure that the steel bars will not move from their locations during construction or during the time of concreting. In slabs, binding wires are used to tie longitudinal and transverse bars together. In columns, it is used to tie vertical bars with stirrups.  

Figure 1

There are various types of binding wires such as Black annealed baling wire, Stainless Steel Binding Wire, and PVC coated binding wires. Black annealed baling wire used to tie black steel. The popular size for black wire ranges from 16 to 22 gauges. Stainless steel binding wires are used to bind stainless steel reinforcement. Stainless steel reinforcement is used in a harsh environment where the black steel gets rusted quickly. Therefore, stainless steel reinforcement is used to prevent the problems associated with steel rusting. Stainless steel wires are used because it is corrosion resistance.

Figure 2

PVC coated binding wire is used to tie epoxy-coated reinforcement. This type of wires is used to prevent the damage of reinforcement coating. The handling of epoxy-coated reinforcement should be done with caution to prevent the damage of reinforcement coating. The epoxy coating works as a barrier that prevents the corrosion of reinforcement. The damaging of the coat can result in accelerating the corrosion of reinforcement. 

Figure 3


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